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on Spotify

'23 Beta: 200+ artists played 10M+ Spotify songs for 500K+ fans in rideshares.

Experience the next 100M+ streams.
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Play Music in Rides for Engaged Listeners
Showcase your music to audiences in Ubers/Lyfts
Grow Spotify streams, find fans, & earn 100% Spotify royalties as our AI plays your music in a network of rideshares for customers to hear & engage via QR code remotes!

Control Fan Growth
Built for organic growth on Spotify

Enterprise-grade iOS/web dashboards show how audiences listen & engage in cars with our QR-enabled Remote to control music in their setting!

Start with $5 from $0.005/stream
Only pay for streams earned

Your Songs as Ads: $0.005/stream of 1-100k+ impressions that earn Spotify streams

Submit & edit campaign for FREE as you pay weekly by streams earned.

More on Pricing Below

Set impressions, genres, & highlight snippets
AI Optimizes Target Audience Exposure
(1) A/B Test different impression limits, snippets to highlight hooks, & genres to best place music for your listeners.
(2) Geo-target audiences in set regions (tour locations, hometown, US/CAN)
(3) Align campaign dates with releases to boost initial exposure & chances for Spotify's algorithmic playlists!
Signup on iOS App or Web (Beta)
Music catalog on Spotify required

Signup & Submit campaigns in minutes β€” we review new campaigns weekly (
Attach management details for larger campaigns & enterprise dashboard.

How It Works?
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1. Grow Spotify Traffic from Ubers -Our AI places music in rideshare drivers' playlists for natural exposure with new fan audiences in 48+ US/CA states
-Test new releases or old hits on our radio network of customers that engage, save to library, queue, & skip songs.
-Signup & Submit campaign for FREE! (We review weekly).

2. New Listeners β€”> Fans β€”As customers scan QR Codes to Control Music via WEB Remote, AI queues YOUR music & targets fans by Spotify data.
-Grow Organic Spotify traffic + socials, merch, & ticket promos across the QR Web Remote as your music plays in our venues!

3. Enterprise Grade Tools -Focus exosure in regions: tour concerts or hometown areas & explore music's performance with different audiences!
β€”Explore granular listening insights from new listeners & newly engaged fans on our website (beta) login.
Pricing for All
Only Pay for Spotify streams earned


$0.005 /stream

< 10,000



$0.0075 /stream

< 25,000



$0.01 /stream

< 60,000






5000 1K 10K 25k 60k 100K



Campaign Price calculator assumes your campaign earns streams from 100% Impressions. ROI estimated with ~$0.035 - $0.005 Spotify Royalty earned/stream.

Impressions ensure 3 seconds play per song [FREE]
until tracks play > 30 seconds on Spotify [Stream].

Earn 100% Spotify royalties as immediate ROI.

Fans may skip, save to Spotify, and click social links (FREE).

Signup & Submit music for FREE β€”Β Pay weekly as you earn streams!

Industry Tested Tools

We ensure your music is heard

Exclusive Control

Surge music in exclusive states for a week(end)

Hyper-Target Fans

Find new fans to show merch & media promo embed in QR-remote as your music plays

Max Exposure

Increased audience exposure limits for releases / concerts


Granular 1:1 analytics where & how every new stream, listener, & engaged fan

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4.2+ Stars (USA & CAN)
Top Case Study
"Kenzie & team's music garnered 150K+ monthly listeners, 1M+ Streams, & multiple Spotify Discover playlists organically!"
Kenzie Cates @kenziecatessongs

Love what you guys are doing :)

1000+ new listeners shoutout Toronto Streets!

Best value for money spent on every new release!

I BELIEVE! Both songs grow everyday & are my most played songs off the albumπŸ”₯

Toronto's new from strive! Soo hype I kept the most listeners there🫑

Y'all really made something

Artist FAQ

What's an impression? How are streams earned?

An impression is 3 seconds of your music playing after which your song may be streamed (if played for >30sec.), skipped, or blocked (prevents replay for that Striver).
Your musical craft will earn your Spotify streams from our exposure!

How / When / Where can I start?

HOW: Signup & Create a campaign to submit for FREE!
WHEN: If your music is on Spotify & ready to be heard! We review new music weekly @
WHERE: Download & signup on iOS App Store or!

It's FREE to Submit since payments start weekly after your music is reviewed & launched.

How many streams will I earn?

Greater exposure tests your musical skills further and makes your songs more vulnerable to increased audience skips/blocks.
Our radio network relies on natural selection with our Strivers & their customers for feedback, so we stress music quality!
As you grow and submit better music, your campaigns perform better with listeners' streams vs. skips/blocks.

Can I pick audiences to target?

Yup, by default our AI matches your music with audiences via (1) geography and (2) genres. Use our Web Dashboard to visualize geos with high stream, rideshare, and fan traffic and configure campaign's focus to target audiences in selected geos.
By assigning each track a set of genres, we test your music out in venues where those genres perform well and where passengers with similar interests engage.

Will I get bot plays?

Never! Our Drivers drive Uber, Lyft, Bolt & validated with their customers' QR code engagement. This creates organic fan traffic from Spotify logins + fan data we use for audience targeting to show when, where, & who heard your music in our dashboard.

Be wary of Bot plays as they jeopardize your music career by risking being removed from Spotify, blacklisted by algorithmic playlists, ZERO royalty!

How can I launch more impressions?

Launch your campaign with a max impression limit given in-app based on your previous campaigns' performances.

How long do I wait after I submit my campaign?

Our team reviews & accepts new campaigns bi-monthly (7th,14th,21st,30th monthly). You be notified via SMS/email when your campaign is live on our network!

What is the Refund / Cancellation Policy?

Cancel ANY TIME 100% Money Back. Cancel after you Submit & wait for your campaign to be reviewed OR after it launches on our network. While Live, you can cancel anytime and only pay for existing progress based on accrued streams earned from exposure.